Travel to Crab Island (Pulau Ketam) Malaysia

There was an extended vacations (4 days included end of the week) related of Malay’s New Year. I’m with my companion choose travel to this island for an excursion.

There was a bright Monday morning. We leave at 10am from Titiwangsa monorail station to KL Sentral. Then travel with KTM (Keretapi Tanah Melayu) from KL Sentral to Port Klang. The train diary took us 1½ hours.

Whenever we have shown up the ship breakwater, a couple many individuals lining holding up the express boat to Crab Island under a warm early afternoon sun. Felt fortunate I brought umbrella. A blustery condition around then makes us felt agreeable. We’re trusting that 45 minutes will get boarded and the excursion to Crab Island required 45 nangs    minutes. At last we arrived at the island at 2:05pm.

We don’t expect a great deal individuals will visit to this island yet it isn’t. Large number of guest has make the small road became blurred. There are quantities of Sea Food Restaurant in this island. Each eatery brimming with hunger and depleted appreciating pleasant ocean food varieties. We couldn’t actually have opportunity to situate down. after 30 minutes, we oversaw tracked down a table and seat down at Restaurant Seafood Pin Heong. We are hanging tight for 20 minutes with nobody serving us. Table actually grimy and brimming with past clients void plate, crab bones, waste. End up we moved away to another eatery named Restaurant Jin He.

We make a request for Sweet and Sour Crab, Butter Prawn, Bamboo Shell and Vegetable. 30 minutes of stalling and 1 hour of eating. Since this is a roadtrip, we have less chance to investigate around by foot. We then, at that point, choose to lease a bike flying around the town. The main transportation in Crab Island is bike. There were no cruisers and no vehicles.

Exceptionally fun riding a bike in a thin pathway. We have visit to the sanctuaries, schools, transport assemble yard and towns house.

During the riding, there was a mishap happen to me. I was tumble down from bike due to staying away from influence with one more bike from intersection. Some way or another I press the front brake rather than back brake while holding my computerized camera on my right hand. Most awful is I didn’t understand left handbrake is for front wheel brake and right handbrake is for back wheel brake. End up harmed to my left side knee and my right hand finger. Murmur!

I’m actually alright with minor harmed yet… Good gracious!!! My computerized camera was not really thump the floor surface while I actually holding it in my right hand. There was a scratch on my focal point. My camera was auto switching off in light of the effect. Restarting my camera and fortunately as yet working. We then proceed with investigated the town before the last boat leaving from the island at 6pm.

5:50pm we boarded a major wooden boat work by local people, took us 1 hour from Crab Island return to Port Klang. And afterward we boarded the express train at 7:10pm from Port Klang to KL Sentral.

Here is the costs detail for Crab Island trip:-

– RM2.50 LRT from Titiwangsa to KL Sentral

– RM4.30 KTM to Port Klang

– RM7.00 Express Boat to Crab Island

– RM114.40 Lunch at Crab Island (2pax sharing feasts)

– RM5.00 Renting Bicycle

– RM7.00 Boat to Port Klang

– RM4.30 KTM to KL Sentral

– RM2.50 LRT from KL Sentral to Titiwangsa

-Nang Thiam Keng Temple

-Pawn Leng Keng Temple

-Kongsi House

-Fish Dealer Center

-Wooden Fishing Boat Factory

-Fish Farm (situated external the island)

Where to Stay?

Assuming that you intend to remain for the time being in Crab Island, there’s quantities of Hotel, Inns, Guess House accommodated guests. Here is the expense we get it from Pulau Ketam Inn, from as low as RM35.00 to RM85.00 each room/night.

My Advised

Riding bike in an island is fun however on the off chance that you don’t have certainty on riding it, kindly don’t lease. You could tumble down to the muggy or ocean as specific regions don’t has railings or divider. Grown-ups, kindly watch out your children when travel to Crab Island.

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